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Floadia ; NVM experts

Established in 2011, Floadia is a spin-out of experienced engineers who were developing embedded memory at Renesas Electronics Corporation for more than 20 years. The company licenses its intellectual property (IP), including manufacturing process and circuit designs, necessary for the embedded memory production. Floadiafs development team comprises not only circuit designers but also engineers with expertise in the manufacturing process. One of the companyfs strengths is its ability to develop optimal memory IP according to customerfs specifications and manufacturing process.

As battery-powered devices such as smart phones and tablet rapidly become more feature-rich and sophisticated, the memory, one of a key component is required to reduce its cost, power consumption and geometry. The demand for Non-Volatile Memory* (eNVM) is increasing due to its wide range of applications including program and data storage, performance tuning (trimming), and storage of encryption keys. Floadia has developed the technology to embed NVM within other operational circuit while minimizing additional manufacturing process and hence enables IC and microcontroller manufacturer to reduce cost and geometry dramatically. Furthermore, as Floadiafs eNVM uses FN tunneling** for data writing, power consumption per memory cell can be reduced by 100,000 to 1,000,000 times.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is expected to become more pervasive and as a key component of IoT products, memory is indispensable. Floadiafs low-cost, low-power-consumption memory can facilitate the mass deployment of IoT devices such as beacons and various sensors. It can also enhance the profitability of IoT business and contribute to the major expansion of the IoT market. Manufacturing costs have risen for semiconductor foundries and fabless companies as the miniaturization of silicon process design rule advances further. The installation of Floadiafs versatile and user-friendly memory allows these companies to reduce not only costs, but also the time to reach mass production.

  *Non-Volatile Memory : Non-Volatile memory (NVM) is a type of semiconductor memory that has the capability to hold saved data even if the power is turned off. Floadia licenses NVM IPs as circuit block.
  **FN tunneling : Electrons tunnel through an energy barrier of dielectric by adding high field (tunneling effect) and electrons are injected into the data storing layer.

Corporate Milestone

2011Founded by ex-Renesas NVM design, process and test experts
2013LEE Flash-ZT and LEE Flash-G1 both proved in silicon
2014LEE Flash-G1 and G2 implementation started at Powerchip Technology Corporation
2015Funded by Innovation Network Corporation of Japan;INCJ, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital Co., Ltd., and Daiwa Corporate Investment Co., Ltd.
2017LEE Flash-G2 implementation started at UMC
2017Series B Funding Completed

Board of Directors

ChairmanKoichi Nagasawa
President & CEOKosuke Okuyama
DirectorYasuhiro Taniguchi
DirectorTakashi Motomura
DirectorFlash Shih-Chin Lin
AuditorKatsuhiko Kubota


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General Company Information

Floadia Corporation
FoundationApril 25, 2011
Location1-30-9, Ogawa-Higashi, Kodaira-City, Tokyo, JAPAN 187-0031
ChairmanKoichi NAGASAWA
President & CEOKosuke OKUYAMA
BankThe Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
BusinessDevelopment, License & Sales of Semiconductor IPs, Consulting