LEE Flash-G1 : Low Cost SONOS Flash


Up to 100kB densities
Up to 100k P/E cycles
Only 3 additional masks required
Simple IP architecture
Support IDM original process
Data retention: 10 years @ 85C
FN tunneling for P/E


Lowest cost in the market

   Minimum (~3) additional masks
   Short test time (less than half of existing solutions)
   Small IP area (less than half of existing solutions)

Easy to Embed

   Minimum (~3) additional masks
   Plug-in without additional thermal process. Perfect compatibility with existing logic device

Extremely low power program and erase

   1/1,000,000 programming current of other solution
   FN Tunnel method

Highly stable quality

   Robust endurance (100kcyc or more)

Covers wide range of memory capacity

   Less than 1kB up to 100kB