LEE Flash-G2 : High Speed & High Density SONOS Flash


Unique patented memory cell
Read operation in VDD
Up to MBs densities
Up to 100k P/E cycles
Only 4 additional masks required
Simple IP architecture design
Support IDM original process
Data retention: 10 years @ 85C
FN tunneling for P/E


High Speed access time (`20ns)

   Read operation by core voltage

Lowest cost in the market

   4 additional masks
   Short test time (less than half of existing solutions)
   Extemely small IP area

Easy to Embed

   4 additional masks
   Plug-in without additional thermal process. Perfect compatibility with existing logic device.

Extremely low power program and erase

   1/1,000,000 programming current of other solution
   FN Tunnel method

Highly stable quality

   Robust endurance (100k cycles or more)

Covers wide range of memory capacity

   From less than 1kB, up to several Mega Bytes