SONOS Technology

ONO electrons trapping layers

SONOS type non-volatile memory has SiO2/SiN/SiO2 ONO multi-layers as gate oxides, and retains electrons within discrete traps in SiN. It is well known that SONOS type memory has excellent data retention characteristics. Floadia uses SONOS type memory as memory device, and realizes high reliability by combining process and device experiences.

 SONOS memory structure

Program / Erase operation by FN tunneling

Floadia's LEE NVM IPs with SONOS type memory uses FN tunneling for program / erase operation. Program / erase current is much smaller compared with hot carrier programming, for example. Floadia's LEE Flash IP with SONOS has excellent endurance characteristics.

 Endurance characteristics of SONOS memory

Excellent program / erase characteristics

SONOS memory with FN tunneling P/E has excellent characteristics, and threshold voltage (Vth) distribution is narrow, so that requires no verifying operations.

Low cost & short testing time

Since SONOS type memory has simple structure, additional masks to implement IPs can be minimized and manufacturing cost is also reduced.

Simultaneous P/E operation is possible because P/E current is small, and verify operation is not required, so that testing time is reduced dramatically.