About Floadia

Floadia, the NVM experts

In 2011, 7 engineers left Renesas and established Floadia to provide the best Non-Volatile Memory technology to the world.
The company licenses its intellectual property (IP), including manufacturing process and circuit designs, necessary for embedded memory production.
Floadia is a team of experienced engineers who were developing embedded memory for more than 20 years. Floadia’s development team comprises not only with memory engineers and circuit designers but also people with deep knowledge in the manufacturing process and quality assurance to provide full range of service.

Corporate Milestone


  • Founded


  • LEE Flash-ZT and LEE Flash-G1, both proved in silicon


  • LEE Flash-G1 and G2 implementation started at Powerchip Technology Corporation


  • Series A Funding


  • Series B Funding
  • LEE Flash-G2 implementation started at UMC


  • Series C Funding


  • Series C funding with 1.2 Billion Yen

Board of Directors

  • photo:Kosuke Okuyama

    President & CEO Kosuke Okuyama

  • photo:Yasuhiro Taniguchi

    Director Yasuhiro Taniguchi

  • photo:Elly Chang

    Director Elly Chang

  • photo:Yuiyo Riku (INCJ, Ltd.)

    Board member Yuiyo Riku (INCJ, Ltd.)

  • photo:Hiroshi Minami (TEIJIN LIMITED)

    Board member Hiroshi Minami (TEIJIN LIMITED)

  • photo:Kuo Wu(Independent)

    Board member Kuo Wu(Independent)

Customers & Partners

  • Foundry Partners
    Powerchip Technologies Inc.,
  • Customer

    Tokyo Stock Exchange,
    1st Section Listed Company

  • Customer

    Tokyo Stock Exchange,
    1st Section Listed Company

  • Customer

    Tokyo Stock Exchange,
    1st Section Listed Company


General Company Information

Trade name
Floadia Corporation
April 25, 2011
1-30-9, Ogawa-Higashi-cho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo, JAPAN 187-0031
President & CEO
MUFG Bank, Ltd
Development, Consulting, License & Sales of Semiconductor IPs

Floadia Tokyo HQ

  • 1-30-9 Ogawa Higashi-cho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo, 187-0031, JAPAN
  • +81-42-346-5510

Floadia Taiwan Branch

  • +886-3-5613922

Corporate Social Responsibility

Floadia is committed to take responsibility to the society, the environment and the stakeholders.

Picture:Corporate Social Responsibility

Management Philosophy

Floadia’s basic philosophy is to contribute to the advancement of society, through continuous pursuit of necessary technology for the convenience of humanity, with challenge spirit, wisdom and efforts of all employees. We will work at fair and modest heart, recognize customer first as the starting point of our business activities, honor the nature, love people and work hard as a sensible citizen to realize truly affluent society.


  • Efforts against anti-social forces

    Floadia prohibits anti-social transactions by employee in accordance with the “Basic Rules on Anti-Social Transaction Prevention (Draft)” and has also established a mechanism to prevent anti-social transactions, such as contract review, internal audit and employment rules.

  • Security Export Control

    Since its business domain extends all over the world, Floadia make sure we comply with “Laws and regulations related to security export control”. Floadia implements periodical education for all of its employees.

  • Managing Confidential and Privacy Information

    Floadia pays highest attention to protect customer information to secure their interest, as well as that of internal private information. Floadia enforce it through “Sales Confidential Management Rule”, “Specific Personal Information Protection Rule”, and “Non-Disclosure Agreement” with employees, to cover not only domestic but laws and regulations all over the world.

  • Consultation and Reporting Desk

    Due to the size of the company still in development, Floadia’s auditor plays the role of consultation and reporting desk, whenever we have compliance issue. Our auditor has meeting with all of our employees periodically to secure opportunity for communication.