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LEE Fuse ZA, Zero Additional Mask Anti-fuse OTP

LEE Flash ZA (ZA) is an Anti-Fuse type Non-Volatile Memory IP that can be programmed one time. It is most suitable for trimming applications that do not require reprogramming and for memory redundancy as well.
No additional masks or process steps are required to manufacture. Since two or three metal layers are sufficient to implement, the upper metal layers can be used as desired. It is also applicable to the advanced processes.
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Major Features

  1. Supports high temperature and long retention life time for severe automotive requirement
  2. Supports a wide range of processes from 180nm to sub-10nm.
  3. No additional mask required for easy implementation.

Track record

Manufacturing statusITEM
Mass Production1xnm   DRAM
Available on25nm DRAM, 28nm Logic


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