AI Business


AI Business

Floadia possesses the technology that enables the realization of Synapse in hardware using Semiconductor Memory that stores high-precision Analog Data. This technology enables ultra-low power consumption AI calculation (CIM: Computing in Memory) inside the terminal edge device, and in the future, it will enable the construction of Electronic Intelligence and Neural Transmission Systems for robots. Floadia plans to commercialize CIM under subsidies from the government (NEDO), the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, etc., and then expand the business by applying it to Neurotransmission Systems by 2024.


  • Image Recognition
  • Voice Recognition
  • Anomaly Detection in sensor data

AI Edge computing

  • Real Time
  • Reduced load on the Cloud
  • AI calculation with ultra-low power consumption

Principle of Computing in Memory

Why Floadia?

  • More than 100 times more power efficient than competitors (overwhelming TOPS/W)
  • Low cost (manufacturing using 40nm-130nm process node)
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