Today, Non-Volatile Memory (NVM) technology is used everywhere and is an important component to enable many of the existing applications.
Floadia’s unique embedded NVM technology feature enables chip makers to achieve next level performance and functionality to drive new innovation.


IoT requires smarter edge devices to make it real, and smarter devices will require Flash technology to process and store the information locally.
Floadia’s innovative embedded Flash IP, G2 offers not only super low power at minimum cost, but also provides unique feature to enable “quick-start” or “normally-off” to dramatically reduce standby power for longer battery life, or smaller form factor.
Our very special feature of G2 also allows chip designers to create neuron network on a chip at minimum cost and power, on standard chip manufacturing process.

  • ZT: Trimming for sensor, analog and mixed signal chips
  • ZT/G2: Trimming and Program Memory for Bluetooth Low Energy
  • G1/G2: MCU Flash
  • G2: Neuromorphic Device, Synapse Network


The highest level of quality and durability in harsh environment are required for automotive chips, to ensure the safety of the driver and passengers.
There are not very many Multi-Time Programmable memory or embedded Flash solutions in the market to support these special requirements, while Floadia has the highest level of expertise in design, test and manufacturing auto-grade Flash IPs.
ZT already is shipping for automotive application, supporting AEC-Q100. G1 and G2 also are proved to support high temperature which traditionally was considered as the weak point of SONOS based Flash devices.

  • ZT: Trimming for sensor, analog and mixed signal chips
  • G1/G2: MCU Flash

Smart Phone

Low power is essential for chip designers if they are supporting mobile applications.
All of Floadia IP products support very low power for programming and erase operation, while G2 further supports read operation with core voltage of the chip.
Floadia’s ZT and G1 are already used in sensor and driver ICs that goes into major smartphone brands.
Floadia IP also lowers manufacturing cost by shortening test and baking time to meet cost target.

  • ZT/G1: Touch Display Driver IC
  • ZT/G1/G2: Optical Image Stabilizer chip
  • ZT: Power Management IC

Smart Card

Smart Card requires very high quality and reliability to support the security standard required by the service provider.
Floadia engineers have long history in developing and productizing solutions for this particular market. Throughout their career, Floadia engineers have track record in supporting GSM SIM card and Smart Card for years.
G2 is able to offer very cost-effective yet reliable and high-quality solution to support.

MCU w/ Flash

G1 and G2 are great solution for MCU, as it can offer very effective solution to increase cost competitiveness for chip manufacture, while supporting high temperature required for automotive and industrial applications, where quality and reliability is the key.
G2’s unique feature can also enable interesting features as “Quick start” or “Dynamic Configurable Memory Architecture” to increase flexibility of the chip, while eliminating the number of derivative products to manage.

  • G1/G2: MCU Flash
  • G2: Quick Start
  • G2: Dynamic Configurable Memory Architecture