Floadia Announces eNVM of 150 degree C retention on HHGrace 180BCD

Tokyo, Japan (November 15th, 2021) – Floadia Corporation (Floadia), a leading provider of embedded flash intellectual property (IP) announces that its high-quality eNVM (embedded Non-volatile Memory), with product name “ZT”, supporting 150 degree C retention of 10 years, is now available on Shanghai Huahong Grace Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation (HHGrace) 180BCD (Z8) platform.


Floadia’s ZT is fully compatible to standard logic and Bipolar-CMOS-DMOS (BCD) process, without the requirement of any additional masks and process steps.  ZT supports a few Kbit density and achieves high reliable data retention of 150 degree C of 10 years, and its cycling is up to 100K times.  ZT uses FN tunneling methodology to achieve low power in program and erase.


Floadia’ ZT has been widely adopted by several Japanese IDM for a variety of automotive applications including drive line system, pressure sensor, motor driver and engine control system chip.  The newly unveiled ZT IP on HHGrace 180BCD (Z8) platform is a 4kbit macro, and is a good fit for automotive and industrial purpose to support trimming, calibration and frequent ID update requirement in the field.  ZT has been adopted by a Chinese local automotive chip maker with mass production roll out plan in 2022.


About Floadia 

Floadia was established in 2011 and a spin-out of experienced engineers who were developing embedded non-volatile memory at Hitachi/Renesas for more than 20 years.  Floadia licenses its intellectual property (IP), including manufacturing process and circuit designs, necessary for the embedded memory production.  Floadia’s development team comprises not only circuit designers but also engineers with expertise in the manufacturing process.  Currently Floadia has over 200 patents, filed and pending.

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